Terms and Conditions

At Monster Cleaning Harrow we value our customers and take pride in our professionalism. This is why the way we do business is regulated by a set of clear cut and fair (in our opinion) terms and conditions which are applied uniformly to all services and customers.

These so called regulations allow us to keep things fair and square between customers and ourselves and avoid/settle any potential disputes much swifter and more efficiently. We know that reading through the fine print is a pain in the neck but please take the time to read and understand our service terms and conditions – this will save both parties a ton of potential headaches.

The terms and conditions outlined here provide the foundation and frame for the contractual relationship between our customers and ourselves as a service provider – once again we stress – please get familiar with these terms before committing to use our services. Our terms and conditions cover different circumstances and provide guidance and explanation on how to resolve certain situations. If by any chance you are unclear with some of the service terms and conditions listed on this page, by all means speak to our consultants who will do their best to explain and clarify.