Cost is an essential factor when it comes to professional cleaning because even the best service would be rendered useless for consumers if it is priced out of reach. With our cleaners in Harrow though there are no such scenarios because our service pricing is always right. No matter which of the many clean-ups we have in store you choose or what the requirements, you are bound to receive genuine value for money and a fair price without any hidden fees. We supply each customer of ours with a bespoke cleaning quote which aims to meet individual budget needs but to also encompass all requirements set forth. When booking multiple services, we might suggest purchasing what we call a cleaning package – bundling of services saves a decent amount of money off the end price. Here is pricing for our most popular services at a glance. For detailed information on prices, discounts, quotes and bookings please speak to our consultants

Enjoy regular home cleaning from only £9 (per cleaner per hour for 6+ hours a week). Take advantage of one off home cleaning from just £12.5 per hour per cleaner (cleaning materials not included in the price). Another big seller is our professional carpet cleaning at £26 per single bedroom.